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KPN are fully trained & provide a leading wasp nest removal service. Probably the best wasp nest removal company in the Guildford area - KPN provide a full 100% wasp control guarantee to the domestic market.
You can read the KPN wasp nest removal guarantee by clicking here.
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Wasp Nest Removal
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All stinging Insects treated for just £55, All areas in and around Guildford.

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A severe allergic reaction to a wasp, bee or hornet sting

Wasp Nest Removal Guildford
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Wasps are defensive & will attack if provoked
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KPN Wasp Nest Removal
areas a well-established wasp control company with over twenty years’ experience dealing with wasp nests and hornet nests in Guildford and surrounding areas.

Wasp Nest Removal Guildford have been supplying the local area with safe & humane remedies for the control of wasps & hornets for nearly 22 years. A fully grown nest can be a potential health hazard & with upwards of 10,000 inhabitants they can be extremely dangerous to remove. KPN charge just £55 for both wasp & hornet infestations & guarantee to leave you wasp free in the shortest time possible.

KPN offer pest management for both domestic homes & commercial premises alike, working alongside many estate agents & property management companies within the area. Our prices for wasp nest removal remain the same for commercial outlets as well as the domestic market, you only pay £55 for a wasp nest treatment, if you have more than one pest infestation around your property then KPN will charge these at half the normal price.

Guildford’s average climate is ideal for wasps , April showers & warm sunny days are the perfect combination for wasps to construct their nests & enlarge their colonies. When the weather conditions are right the average colony can grow to tens of thousands of wasps & they can become a real nuisance. Wasps do need to be controlled & can be a serious health issue when left to multiply, every untreated nest will produce about 100 new wasps every single day.

Removing a wasps nest removing a wasps nest or hornets nest may not always be achievable as they will construct their homes just about anywhere, wall cavities & under the roof tiles are amongst the most popular habitats, but KPN have the necessary equipment & industrial strength insecticides to resolve any infestation you may have obtained, regardless if the nest is accessible or not. It is not essential to actually remove the nest.

Pest solutions are varied from shop bought DIY treatments to professionally bought products, KPN wasp nest removal Guildford evaluate each nest individually & decide which form of action is best to take. KPN check the surrounding area carefully before administering any pesticide, making sure the chemicals used will be of no harm to other insect or animal species.
The safety of you, your children & your pets is paramount to KPN, our staff are fully trained & very experienced with the treatments we offer, all of which will contain an anaesthetic to help sedate the wasps rather than aggravate them, this ensures that wasps will never swarm. With KPN wasp nest removal your safety is assured & your wasp problem Guaranteed.

“How do I remove a wasps nest” is often asked by our Guildford customers but with so many stinging insects inside a nest & with the potential of anaphylactic shock if stung, I really would not recommend attempting to resolve the problem yourself. For peace of mind & low cost pest control treatments call KPN wasp nest removal Guildford & the nest can be treated for you for just £55.

Some insecticides Some insecticides can be damaging to fish, bees & bats which are all protected by certain laws, but with KPN's experience & understanding, these issues will be taken into account & only safe treatments will ever be given.

"Wasp Nest Removal Guildford & pest control"

Word of mouth & customer recommendations have proven invaluable to our pest control team, we strive to offer a service second to none throughout the Guildford region, from your initial call right through to you being wasp free, KPN offer free advice whenever you need it, before & after treatments. If you would like to read some reviews left for KPN by previous clients please visit checkatrade.com/kpn.

Honeybees are a frequent & all areas
Honeybees are a frequent visitor to our gardens and should be enjoyed, occasionally you may come across a swarm that has settled in a tree, hedge or shrub. It is not necessary to call a pest control company if this has happened to you, instead contact your local bee keeper who will come & collect the swarm for you. There are many different types of bee in the UK, only the honeybee can be collected by bee-keepers, but all bees are of benefit & if possible should be left alone. If you do need bees removed from your home or place of work please call & we will advise accordingly.